Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro, Havana 1 Feb 2014 - shipsnmoreships

This fortress [El Morro, Spanish for Rock] guards the entrance of Havana Bay opposite the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta. Designed by Italian Juan Bautista Antonelli, built between 1589 & 1640 under Spanish rule it was later captured by the British in 1762. El Morro protected the mouth of Havana harbor with a chain across the water to the fort at La Punta. Circular Moorish bartizans at the corners. Faro Castillo del Morro is the lighthouse built in 1845 (station established 1764) on the ramparts. Active; focal plane 44 m (144 ft); two white flashes every 15 s. 25 m (82 ft) Admiralty J4857
Literature advised it opened at 08:00, but on arriving at 9 we found it not to be open until 10:30 - having requested the taxi driver return at 10:00 we were only able to wander the ramparts and surrounding areas. It would have been nice to see the lighthouse interior. I gather there is a display of Cuban Lighthouses within as it used to be a training centre for keepers.