Habana Bus Tour Part A - 1 Feb 2014 - shipsnmoreships

Part A:-  Havana's Craft & Souvenir Market [Paula Warehouse] to the Gerardo Abreu Fontan Leisure Centre
These photos are pretty boring and some 'Topsy Turvey'. There are many web pages stating there are 3 routes [see also Particuba] for the Havana Hop-On Hop-Off bus tours, but these do not seem to show actuality. There is no information on the buses as to where they are going [maps] or any timetables. There is no commentary aboard. It costs 5 CUCs per day. Some report not being given a ticket to get back on again later, but we had a torn piece of paper with the date on. 
Wanting to get back to the hotel Nacional de Cuba from the Craft and Souvenir Market, we boarded the bus as we had seen it pass the hotel several times. It did not matter if we disappeared off somewhere else if it was the wrong route; we would always come back :) We set off and after a trip around Parque Central we were driving along the Malecón. Dave got off at the Nacional - it wasn't an actual stop, but the driver would stop where you wanted. I stayed aboard for the "round" trip. It was pretty boring with large sections repeated and we did not get as far as the Hemingway Marina as advertised. We looped back at Gerardo Abreu Fontan. Saw all the hotels, Cemetery, the ex smart homes of Miramar and Plaza de la Revolucion twice over before heading back along the Malecon [joining from Avenida 23 alongside the Nacional] directly to Parque Central where we were told to get off. The bus then disappeared. OK, I did the trip but having seen almost everything along the route the previous day it dragged. Perhaps this should be done on arrival at Havana to get an overview and bearings.