Antilla [Holguin], Biran 5 Feb 2014 - shipsnmoreships

Antilla in the Bahia de Nipe is the Port for Holguín. A very small town which would not take long to walk around. Taxis are available [classic cars included] and a few souvenir stalls had been set up outside the port area. Most passengers took an excursion others took a taxi to the beaches at Guardalavaca. We took the trip to Biran and Holguin. An interesting, but very long day with over 4 hours in total spent in the coach. Motor vehicles do not cause the jams - horses, traps and cyclists do :) On the final leg of the return journey a lone horse ran straight across the road immediately in front of the coach - lucky it wasn't hit.

The video clips below were just filmed from the coach travelling through the Cuban countryside. They give an insight in to the roads, traffic and life in general, but probably VERY boring for anyone not there at the time. Some of the roads are particulalry bumpy too, not making ideal filming conditions.