Cienfuegos Tugs & Misc Vessels 8 Feb 2014 - shipsnmoreships

MARIA LUISA [patana] Pascaballa/Jagua, sister vessel out the water in Reina by a wreck. Tugs, PERLA DEL SUR, TIFON and TITON. 2 Unknown Tugs - a small older one astern the 2nd barge behind PERLA DEL SUR and the old [probably Russian?] one alongside the barge - this had gone by the afternoon. Vessel perpendicular to TITON unknown - as are all the barges. In the yard are 2 small passenger ferries under conversion. On the left is CASTILLO de JAGUA but her sister vessel there unknown. Various parts and launches Pilot 04 and Pilot 14 out the water. Vessel in the water unknown. NESTOR way off in the distance and another. FLIPPER excursion vessel passes by. Various day boats inc 'Pirate Ship'  along Jetty at Reina. [The ex Grand Cayman 'Pirate Ship' CAYMAN VALHALLA is now sitting on the bottom at Club Cienfuegos. Crop here ]