31 Mar 2017 Hoover Dam, Lake Mead NRA, Davis Dam, Laughlin - shipsnmoreships

We drove from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam via Boulder City; on into Arizona & S on US-93 through Lake Mead NRA, past Black Canyon; continuing S on US-93 to near Kingman taking W turn onto SR-68 to Davis Dam; back into Nevada at Laughlin; W on Laughlin Highway SR-163; N on US-95 back to nr Boulder City  from where we entered Lake Mead NRA. N around Lakeshore Rd exiting on E Lake Mead Blvd SR-147 back to Las Vegas - 31 Mar 2017

Below there are both PDM & DRM albums. Different cameras were used & merging the photos led to too many images in each album :( DRM's albums contain many road views as we drove along, PDM's are mainly at the sights. There is some crossover.